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Le petit site de Jurgen Izltot
Persönykoné, Persönlely !

De constats sociétaux en série de questions informulées le citoyen Lambda, regardant le monde qui l’entoure se doit de s’interroger en termes simples et courant. Chercherons-nous nous des réponses aux équations qui nous concernent et, nous focalisant sur l’étude de tel ou tel thème, sommes-nous libres acteurs de notre société ?

Quoiqu’il en soit, une autre réponse à la question pourrait être : s’il n’y a rien, et bien il nous reste la télé à qui, acteurs passifs quoiqu’on en dise, nous offrons volontiers une obole non négligeable en remerciement du remplissage de la vacuité du temps qui passe et de la paix sociale qu’elle apporte...
... mais ce serait bien dommage d’en arriver à cette conclusion.
Jurgen Izltot, Tournai, 2007

Do sport and politics mix ?
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par Claire Rasquinet , Philippe Rasquinet
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In this week’s programme, we discuss if sports and politics should mix  .

The British football club, Sunderland FC, has a new manager, Paolo di Canio. His appointment is controversial because he was once reported to have said he was a fascist, though he now says he is not. But should someone’s personal interests get in the way of sporting interests ?

Rob and Jennifer discuss the issue   and explain some of the language behind it.

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  • Hello, I’m Rob and this is 6 minutes English. And I’m joined this week by Jennifer. Hello, Jennifer.
  • Hello, Rob.
  • This week we’re discussing sports and politics and questioning if the two subjects mix  , should they influence each other. We’ll also be looking at some words and phrases linked to these issues. Now, I know Jenny’s a bit of a sport’s fan and you support a well-known football club, don’t you.
  • Yes, I do. Sunderland association football club based in the Northeast of England.
  • Of course, Sunderland football club has been in the news because of the political views of its new manager. More on that in a moment but shall we start with the question ? Now you all know Sunderland football club formed in 1879 but it’s not the worlds of this club. Do you know the worlds which is the world of this football club ? Is it :
    a) Shepherd FC ?
    b) Manshester United ?
    c) Blackburn Rovers ?
  • I’d go for a, Shepherd FC.
  • Well, I’ll let you know the answer at the end of the program. But now let’s kick off   or make a start with discussion about sports and politics. The British football club Sunderland had a number of recent poor results and this is led to the appointment of a new manager called Paulo Di Canio. But his new role has become a political football
  • That’s a good phrase. You mean it’s becoming issue   that is continually been debated but left unresolved. You could say it’s an issue   that gets kicked around, like a football.
  • And it’s an issue   not because of its sporting expertise but because of its political view point.
  • Of course, having a new manager in any situation can be a real game change. In other words, introducing someone new to a [] situation can change the performance or what you’re trying to do. In this case, it is Paulo Di Canio who change the [] the situation for Sunderland.
  • Oh well, that’s a good thing. But it’s the issue   about the political views that most people seem to be talking about. Some people are uncomfortable about his appointment because [] someone who his views is not good for the club. Let’s find out exactly what his political views are with BBC reporter Thomas [].
  • He doesn’t hide his fascist stands [] Di Canio [] appears to be the reason why [] resigned from the Sunderland board following Di Canio appointment. So Tom [] his political views as fascist. He support an extreme rightwing idealology and has been accused [] Mussolini and been seen not giving [] salutes.
  • So that’s why the politician David MILIBAN from the leftwing British labor party has given up and resigned from the football team. He doesn’t agree with the views of Paulo Di Canio.
  • But should sport be a place for playing politics ? In other words, should sport be used for expressing and arguing over political viewpoints ?
  • Well won’t [] is that his fascist view point mean he’s a racist so he doesn’t respect being from background other [] zone. And this could discourage some people from going to see a match. Raising to a football []
  • Well, being a racist is something Paulo Di Canio denies as we can hear from the BBC’s Tom [ESELMAND] what advice has his supporters offered him ?
  • The man himself says being fascist doesn’t mean being rascist . And extend on with a salute among comrades. Those close to Di Canio say his appointment in Sunderland be good for football but they also offered him some advice tip politics off the pitch
  • So Di Canio’s friends say he would be could for football and their advice is
  • Keep the politics off the pitch. Good advice. Well, let’s hope he keeps his eye on the ball and just concentrate on get Sunderland football club to win more games.
  • If not he might get the boot. In other words, the []. Of course, sport can be a good place to make a political statement. It’s a place where your views can get noticed. In a 198… in Moscow several countries boycotted or refused to attend to game Olympics because of Russia’s invade in Afghanistan.
  • Well there’s no evidence that Sunderland [] a political statement soon and a recent press conference he said “I don’t want to talk about politics because it’s not my area. We are not in the houses of parliament but we are in a football club. I want to talk about sport. I want to talk about football.
  • Well, let’s hope he plays by the rules
  • And I said a Shepherd FC ?
  • And you are right. The words of this football team is shepherd FC, found back in. Ok, well it’s almost time to go but before we do, Jen, could you remind us of some of the words we ‘he heard today ?
  • Yes, we heard :
    Kicked off
    A political football
    Game change
    Playing politics
    To stamp out
    Keeps his eye on the ball
    Get the boot
    A political statement
    Play by the rules
  • Thanks Jen. Well, that’s all we have time for today. Please join us again soon for 6 minutes English from BBC learning English.
  • Bye

That was 6 minutes English from BBClearningenglish.com.

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